With over two decades of experience in live event videography, Stephen is a true master of his craft. Having collaborated with local schools, theaters, and dance companies, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

Equipped with professional-grade 4K cameras and utilizing wired and wireless audio systems, Stephen ensures that every aspect of your event is meticulously captured with the utmost clarity.


Elevate your events to a whole new level with exceptional livestreaming service. Whether you require in-person coverage, remote streaming, or a hybrid approach, Stephen seamlessly adapts to your needs, ensuring that your audience can experience the event from anywhere in the world.

With the ability to broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously, Stephen maximizes the reach and impact of your livestream. Your event gains widespread visibility, engaging audiences across various channels and platforms, amplifying its influence and significance.

Every moment of your livestream is captured individually, with meticulous attention to detail. This means that all footage is preserved for future needs, such as editing or repurposing. With this comprehensive approach, you can leverage the full potential of your event, long after the livestream has ended.